BCGC Member Gatekeeper Schedule and Signup

The USFS permit requires Buffalo Creek Gun Club to be open to public shooters 180 days each year.  BCGC members performing gatekeeper duty for public shooters help the club fulfill this requirement.  Public shooters may always make reservations to access the range on the Range Access page above.


All BCGC members have a two-day Work Bond obligation which is a basic part of membership. Members may fulfill that obligation by performing gatekeeper duty on weekends during the open public season, Memorial Day weekend through the end of October.


BCGC Policy for Workday Credits are as follows:

Workday Credits: Workday Credits may be used to offset the cost of the Work‐Bond for the following year. Club members who perform a minimum 8-hour workday for the club (within the current year) will receive $75 credit per workday (limited to $150 per year) to be applied toward the cost of the following year’s Work‐Bond. Workday credit(s) can be earned in a number of ways:

  1. Perform gatekeeper duty on weekends during the open public season.
  2. Working at the range with designated work parties.
  3. Working at a club sponsored event, or sponsoring club regular season
  4. Working at home or around town on an approved project for the club
    which meets the time requirements.
  5. Serving on the BOD.
  6. Club members may present other options for meeting the workday
    credit to a board member for consideration by the Board. Any club
    member may elect to pay the annual Work‐Bond each year in lieu of


Membership ID Card:  Membership ID Card provides unlimited annual access to the range when the membership dues and Work‐Bond are fulfilled each year.  

Work‐Bond: A sum of money ($150/annually as of January 2019) paid or earned by annual Workday Credits.

BCGC Members in good standing may opt for Gatekeeper Duty by contacting Dabney Crump at  Please include your preferred work day after reviewing the BCGC Gatekeeper Schedule PDF above.